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Rules Of Survival Cheats 2018 – Diamonds and Gold Guide

Do you want to play an online shooter-based game where your main objective is to fight and survive? If yes, then you should start playing Rules Of Survival game. In this game, you have to keep fighting with other players and progress through various obstacles. Surviving till the end will not be easy at all, and this makes the game an entertaining as well as engrossing one.



Addictive Gameplay:

Developed by NetEase, the game can be played on IOS and Android platforms. When you begin playing the game, you will be in a deserted island with several other online gamers. Your motive is to fight with them and survive for the longest in the game. The gamer who survives till the end will be declared as the winner.


Whenever you want to buy clothing, accessories, weapons, etc. for your gaming character, you will require Coins. You can earn Coins in the game by playing various matches as they are awarded for participating in numerous matches. When you complete the daily challenges by logging to the game each day, you can earn plenty of Coins. This is the best way to acquire in-game currencies as you are earning by just signing in to the game and finishing easy tasks. Coins can also be purchased with real-world cash as the amount of Coins earned by using the traditional methods is limited. Moreover, you can use Rules Of Survival Cheats to acquire unlimited Coins instantly.


Rules Of Survival Cheats 2018

All those special items that cannot be purchased with Coins can be bought with Diamonds. It is the premium in-game currency that can be used in exchange of Coins. You can buy Diamonds in huge amounts by spending real world money. When you participate in gaming events, you can earn limited amount of Diamonds as reward. If you want to earn Diamonds in ample quantities, then you should start using Rules Of Survival Cheats 2018.

Amazing Weapons:

To protect your gaming character from the enemies, you can either keep it invisible or make use of weapons and fight with the enemies. You will get access to innumerable kinds of weapons, which makes the game extremely engrossing. Weapons are broadly classified into Melee Weapons, Submachine Guns, Grenades, Assault Rifle, Shotguns, etc. Among these, the most powerful category of weapons is the Assault Rifle as well as the Sniper Rifle.

In the start of the game, you will get access to few weapons. As you keep progressing in the game, many more weapons can be acquired. Weapons will be scattered everywhere in the map and as soon as you notice them, you can pick them up. However, you should pick only those weapons that you are going to use in the game. Some of the wonderful weapons with their features have been mentioned below:

  • AWM: It is a high damage, bolt-action sniper rifle that has 4 times scope.
  • SVD: It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, which can cause approximately 3o damage and is prepped with a holographic sight.
  • AA12: It is a fully automatic shotgun, which consists of a 5-round clip and has extendable peripherals.
  • M1887: This shotgun has the capacity to hold two shells at a time. It causes high damage too.
  • MP5: This submachine gun is extremely effective in medium range and has the quickest rate of fire.
  • AR15: It is an assault rifle that has two optional firing modes. Acquiring them is easy as you will be able to find them in several places around the map.
  • Thompson: It is a popular submachine gun that has large drum magazine, a faster firing rate, as well as better recoil.
  • Smoke Grenade: This weapon can create white colored smoke screen, which will help in obstructing the opponent’s visibility and can act as a major distraction.
  • Blue Claws: It is a melee weapon that is available only in Zombies mode, so your gaming character needs to be a zombie for acquiring it.
  • Stun: It is a tactical grenade, which can cause the screen to go white for about 7 seconds. This will happen only if you look in the same direction at the time of explosion.

Some of the areas where you will be able to find powerful weapons in the game map are:

Bitter Lake: This area consists of several buildings and in each of them you will be able to find innumerable kinds of weapons.

Rust Bay: This area is loaded with different types of arms and ammunitions. Several gamers will be searching for weapons out here so be careful.

Training Base: Finding weapons and vehicles is pretty easy out here. However, it is a risky place, so you should acquire the weapons and get out of it quickly.

Listed below are some amazing tips that you should use to survive for longer in the Rules Of Survival game:

Stay Safe:

If you are new to the Rules Of Survival game then you should keep your gaming avatar safe by hiding behind a structure and analyzing the entire map. This will give you some time to think and plan about different ways to fight with the opponents. Remember to keep a track of the radar map. It is accessible on the top left corner of the screen. The radar map will highlight the areas where other players are available. So, you will know whether you are hiding in a safe zone or not. Every few minutes the safe zone changes, so keep an eye on that too.

Use Vehicles:

Vehicles can help you in time of need. When you are falling short of time and have to reach the safe zone quickly, then a vehicle can come to your rescue. With the vehicle, you will be able to travel faster and can even reach various parts of the island. Vehicles can also help in saving you from the enemies as you can run over your opponents easily.

Make Friends:

The Rules Of Survival game can either be played solo or with random friends. If you are planning to play with your friends then you can create a team. The team together will be able to make unique strategies for destroying the opponents and to keep themselves safe. Ensure that your team stays united so that you can work together for progressing in the game.

Know The Map:

The map of the game is quite huge, so memorizing it is extremely difficult. However, you should try your best to know the map well. This will help you in acquiring innumerable weapons and equipments effortlessly as well as make your fights easier with the enemies. Moreover, the map will even let you know where you are heading and the things that are nearby.

Terrain Matters:

The terrain of the game matters a lot as your decisions will solely depend on the terrain where you are standing. If you are in between high grasses then you should crawl so that you remain unnoticeable to the enemies. Ensure that you hide behind structures when you notice large groups of enemies nearby.

Overall, Rules Of Survival game has the capacity to keep you on your toes, literally! You will be running in every part of the map for saving yourself from the enemies. So, if you have some time in hand, then you should certainly spend it in playing this game and trying out Rules Of Survival Cheats.



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